Ecocem GGBS is a low-carbon hydraulic binder

Ecocem GGBS is a low-carbon hydraulic binder produced using a circular economy. In fact, our raw material GBS is a by-product from the production of cast iron. Ecocem recovers GBS in their Fos-sur-Mer and Dunkirk plants before grinding it very finely and drying it in order to obtain a high quality GGBS. The production of one tonne of Ecocem GGBS in France releases an average of 16 kg of CO2, which is about 45 folded less than OPC. Used as a substitute for OPC, Ecocem GGBS enables the production of high-performance, low-carbon concrete.

In addition, Ecocem GGBS increases strength and durability, is resistant to sulphates and chlorates, and has an aesthetical appearance, providing a lighter shade and a superior finish.

A life cycle analysis of our GGBS has shown that it has a very low-carbon production process; it is currently the best low-carbon solution available on the market as a replacement for cement in concrete and other construction materials.

Thanks to its partnership with ArcelorMittal, Ecocem France can guarantee its customers’ supply of Ecocem GGBS. Ecocem France is actually part of a joint venture with ArcelorMittal in which the latter owns 49%. This is a pioneering industrial partnership in the French circular economy. We are optimising the circular economy in both of the regions where our plants are located; we are situated within the immediate vicinity of the blast furnaces supplying us with raw materials, reducing transport related to our activity to a minimum. In addition, in the Dunkirk plant, we reuse gases from blast furnaces to power our production facility.

Finally, thanks to strict monitoring, our two plants are able to provide a constant guarantee of quality to all of our customers.

How to optimise your use of Ecocem GGBS

By now it is clear that the more cement you replace with Ecocem GGBS, the more sustainable your construction will be. Up to what percentage will you go up? French concrete standards limit the introduction of GGBS into conventional concretes to 30%. Ecocem obviously encourages you use this maximum in all of your concrete throughout all your projects, not just to reduce their carbon footprint, but also to provide special strength characteristics.

But you can get up to 50% Ecocem GGBS as part of an “engineering concrete” project. “Engineering concrete” is a NF standard concrete designed for a given building or project. Using engineering concrete on your construction site is very simple.

Whatever your project, our Application team is available to provide you with assistance when it comes to concrete formulation, manufacturing processes, specifications for your partners (engineering consultants, contractors, etc.), and training on demand for all partners involved.