Ecocem CEM III / C is a NF and BENOR (Dunkirk plant) certified ready-to-use hydraulic binder, mainly composed of Ecocem GGBS. It offers a very high resistance to chemical attack, especially to sulphates, making it the ideal construction material for many underground works.It is mainly used for concrete in aggressive soils.

It is used for all types of foundations. Ecocem CEM IIIC is particularly suitable for underground works subject to chemical attack, whether from sulphates, seawater, pure water or acids. Its durability is excellent as a result of its specific chemical composition.

It also allows to improve soils geotechnical characteristics. Ecocem CEMIIIC contributes to reducing the solubility of residues such as chlorates, sulphates and fluorides.


  • – Deep foundation concretes: piles, moulded walls, waterproof screens and jet grouting in aggressive soils
  • – Concretes for massive works, such as dams or rafts
  • – Injection grouts: floors, cavities, waterproofing grout
  • – Concretes for agriculture
  • – All types of concrete (reinforced or otherwise) for underground works

CEM IIIC Ecocem has a very low heat of hydration.