Ecocem GGBS allows concrete to be formulated according to construction and civil engineering requirements

It offers the best workability and practical duration of use, facilitating work at the building site. It is therefore suitable for long and/or difficult pourings; it is also easier to work with at high temperatures and enables long periods of transportation.

It provides a concrete which is lighter and brighter in colour. These advantages allow you to create lacework motifs and stamped designs in your concrete.

Its resistance to sulphates and chlorates is often requested for special works. In addition, it possesses greater fire resistance; with 50% GGBS it is possible to obtain residual compressive strengths at 600°C equivalent.

It ensures better durability for your concrete, its strength allowing for long-term resistance. Finally, Ecocem GGBS reduces the carbon footprint of your concrete and it is currently the best available solution for low-carbon concrete.