Ecocem GGBS allows you to tailor the formulation of your concrete and provides many advantages for ready-mix concrete

In particular it offers the best workability and practical duration of use, facilitating work at the building site. It is therefore suitable for long and/or difficult pourings.

Ecocem GGBS is also easier to work with at high temperatures and enables long periods of transportation. It provides a concrete which is lighter and brighter in colour. These advantages allow you to create lacework motifs and stamped designs in your concrete.

Ecocem GGBS guarantees the very best performance from your concrete. Concrete made with Ecocem GGBS is stronger than concrete made with Ordinary Portland Cement and this strength has been proven to steadily increase over a long period of time.

The greater durability of concrete made with Ecocem GGBS will extend the concrete’s service life.

Finally, it enables a reduction in the carbon footprint of concrete, and it is currently the best solution for low-carbon concrete.